Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Corporate art events and team bulding workshops
“We shouldn’t be afraid to express what lies inside us, makes us unique and ties us together as human beings, because it is through this that we find one another – Wayne Barker
Looking for different ways to inspire your workforce and build teams that can innovate, collaborate en cooperate with each other? Team building workshops are ideal for companies who want to give their leaders and employers a meaningful gift that will reduce stress and inspire motivation and lateral thinking.  Art based activities facilitate the building of trust, finding shared values and helping individuals to shift their perceptions. Workshops are designed to bring out collaborative power of teamwork and build relationships between co workers.
          …Out of the left brain into the right brain…
          …Out of thinking into feeling…
  • Different packages available.
  • Guided by a teacher. 
  • Secure parking available.
  • Can accommodate 20 people per workshop.
  • Starting from R500 per person. 
  • Different canvas sizes available.
  • Primed board or canvas
  • With / without wine.
  • Coffee / tea / juice / biscuits.
  • Friday and Saturday evenings available.
  • A quotation upon request.


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