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Course Layout

Childrens classes / Kinderklasse

Guided by my personal integrity and respect for the individual child I teach children to draw and paint.  Your child will be exposed to a wide variety of subject matter and art mediums.  I will give your child the tools and ability to participate and appreciate the arts.

Mediums  Charcoal, chalk, soft pastel, oil pastels, acrylics, water color, mixed media, Koki, colored pencils, wax crayons, pencil, paper mache, mosaic,
Artists Discussions in class
Art Movements Discussions in class
Drawing and Painting Self portraits, still lives, seascapes, landscapes, floral, collages, animals, paper mache, mosaic etc
Also Doodles, symmetry, 2 hands, rhythm, color, harmony, balance, line, space, form, light, texture, composition, contrast, movement, line drawings, primary/secondary/complimentary etc.

 Adult Classes / Volwasse klasse

 Pencil, charcoal, object drawing, face / figure drawing, shading,  proportion,
 hatching - (originated in the Middle Ages and developed further into cross hatching in
 the 15th Century.  Perfected by Albrecht Durer in engraving & woodcut and by
 Larry Alexander in pen and ink)
 Gridding/blocking - (dating back to ancient Egyptians who used a technique to break
 down painting into smaller grids.  Leonardo da Vinci used grids to teach art.  Perfected
 by Harold Speed in Practice and science of drawing printed in 1913)

Introduction to pastel    soft pastels, pastel pencils, oil pastels
Introduction to acrylics   acrylic painting
Introduction to oil  oil painting
Introduction to watercolour watercolors
Mixed media


Corporate team building event workshops
  •   Objective: Creating a painting as a team or individually
  •   On primed canvas
  •   All art materials provided – paints, brushes, palettes, boards, charcoal, turps, oil, rags etc
  •   wine/Coffee/tea/biscuits served (platters can be arranged)
  •   Guidance
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